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Here's a story that will restore your faith in humanity.

A California man used a cross-country flight as an opportunity to call on passengers and crew to show support for his dying flight attendant sister.

After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Southwest Airlines flight attendant LouAnn Alexander was forced to abruptly retire from the career she had enjoyed for more than 30 years.

Her brother, Rex Ridenoure, was taking a flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles to visit her at her at a hospice center in Phoenix when he came up with an amazing way to turn the flight into a farewell celebration.

Ridenoure described his beloved sister and her terminal diagnosis during a short speech to the cabin over the PA system, asking for the crew and passengers to write her notes of support and encouragement on the drink napkins.

By the end of the flight, Ridenoure received 96 notes. He posted photos of the heartfelt messages to a Facebook album called "Leaving LUV for LouAnn."

"It just feels like there are other people with us here," he told "That whole flight for me has shown me, hey, the world is not so negative if you just have the right spark. It sure seems like there's a large portion of the population that are inherently nice, and can be nice if given the opportunity."

See the notes and more on this touching story, here.

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