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California has just signed into law a hike that would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The new wage would double the rate of the federal level – raising questions on whether it’s all "too much, too fast," Neil Cavuto reported.

Naquasia Legrand, leader of the “Fight for $15” movement joined Your World on Monday to react.

“Everything else is going up but our pay. And that’s why 64 million workers who are living in poverty decided to stand together to make a difference,” she said.

“For me to put back into my economy, I need more money in my pockets.”

But companies are scaling back their workers, and an environment like that might push them to continue doing so, Cavuto pointed out.

“Don’t you think an environment like this might push them to do more of that? It could be so dramatic, so fast, that you won’t know what hit you,” he said.

“And a lot of your colleagues you’re fighting hard to support, and get them higher wages, could find themselves out on the unemployment line.”

“Let’s just say this, Neil,” Legrand responded.

“These corporations … know for a fact that they can pay us more than what they’re paying us now. They can afford it.”

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