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WATCH: Carjacking Attempt Ends in Dramatic Crash

The journey of a Miami teen who stole a squad car and took it for a joyride ended in a violent crash when he slammed straight into a fast food restaurant, police say.

Investigators say the bizarre chain of events began when the boy’s mom suspected that her 16-year-old had been involved in a robbery.

She called the police. But when they arrived – he jumped in and took their cruiser, Happening Now reported.

The teen allegedly smashed into as many as three other cars before ploughing into the drive-thru of a Church’s Chicken restaurant.

 “I was basically on the phone with my mother minding my business, and all of a sudden there's this boom,” said Lucretia Ventura, one of the drivers who was struck.

"Who steals a cop car? Who does that?"

“This dude comes like a bat out of hell and just slammed in the back of them,” said a witness, James Johnson.

“They're lucky they ain't dead. I'm telling you, they're lucky they ain't dead, man.”

The teen was arrested and now faces several charges, including grand theft, Fox 29 reports.

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