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Iraq War veteran Steve Smith goes everywhere with his trusty service dog, Rebel.

So when they showed up ready to train one day at a dog park in Jacksonville, Florida, he said he was shocked by their steely reception.

Smith said he was asked to leave for keeping his handy partner on a leash.

According to the owner, no dogs are allowed to be leashed on the grounds because “it could change dogs’ behaviors toward one another.”

A park employee apparently told the Marine he could stay and train in a special area – but he would have to pay.

“I’m outraged that not only that’s how they want to treat a veteran, but that’s the way they want to treat anybody else who has a service dog,” Smith told WJAX.

“I hate being out in public and hate being around large groups of people,” he explained. “[I] hate going out, period. With him, it makes it easier.”

The park owner has now changed tune, saying that Smith is welcome back to the park for free if he books ahead of time.

He says he won’t be back.

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