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During a live town hall in Long Island, Ohio Gov. John Kasich responded to a question from a man whose veteran father recently took his own life.

The audience member named Tim said that his father was a sonarman with the U.S. Navy in the 60s and 70s who served aboard several submarines and later battled PTSD, depression and alcoholism, before committing suicide 90 days ago at age 72.

"What will you do for the veterans moving forward to help them get the services that they deserve?" he asked.

Kasich said that any combat veteran should have immediate access wherever they need it, including mental health services.

He also said that the Veterans Affairs organizations needs to be restructured so that no one is put on hold for hours.

Kasich said that no veteran should go without a job, calling them "our golden employees."

"Everyone here wants to hire a veteran. They're drug-free, they're smart, they're tough, they're disciplined, they understand teamwork. There should be no homeless, no veteran without healthcare and no unemployed veteran in the United States of America."

He then paused for a moment and told Tim, "We're sorry."

"And I would like to think that the Lord saw his pain and called him home, and I believe that. God bless you."

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