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In a special one-hour "On the Record" interview with Greta Van Susteren, Ohio Gov. Kasich also talked about his strategy for winning the Republican nomination and reacted to comments from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz that he should get out of the race.

"Both of them say I ought to get out of the race because I'm winning their votes. I agree with them," Kasich said.

He said that nobody will reach the requisite delegates for the nomination going into the convention and that an open convention will decide the nominee.

"There's gonna be an open convention and it's gonna be cool...and the delegates are going to decide who can win in the fall. I'm the only candidate who wins all the polls against Hillary Clinton."

Greta asked Kasich about Rule 40 from the RNC which said a candidate can't get on the ballot unless they've won eight states.

"That's just so yesterday," Kasich replied, to laughter. "No, I mean we don't have any rules yet. Let's have it open. Let's have transparency. Let's have fun."

Earlier, Kasich spoke about how the world needs to unite to destroy ISIS.

"We have to destroy them. It has to be a coalition of the Arab Muslim countries, like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Gulf States, the West Europe. We need to all be together, because it's a civilized world,  which is made up of most people, versus those people who are barbarians and murderers."

He also said that NATO's role should expand to include intelligence and policing.

He said that President Obama should have returned from Cuba after the Brussels terror attacks, called world leaders, been briefed by his military and intelligence people, and dispatched experts to Europe to find out where vulnerabilities lie. 

He also said that a joint terrorism task force should be made up of the FBI, Homeland Security and state and local law enforcement, with the tools and resources they need.

"We all have to be alert. We all have to be aware. We're gonna be fine, but we have to unite the world--the civilized world--against those folks, frankly, who want to destroy our very way of life."

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