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An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer challenged some local children to a friendly bicycle race, and the adorable photos are making people across the country smile.

Officers Roman Williams-Ervin and Stacy Riojas have been using bikes to patrol the city's East District over the last month, Fox 59 reported.

While on patrol last week, they encountered two kids riding their bikes. Officer Riojas asked the youngsters if they thought they could beat Officer Williams-Ervin in a race.

The kids accepted the challenge, and the race was on!

After the friendly competition, the kids told the officers that they had always wanted to play with a cop. They even said that they wanted to be officers when they grew up.

"These are the interactions we want our children to have with our IMPD officers," the department wrote on their Facebook page.

It's not clear who finished first in the race, but this is a case where everyone is a winner!

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