Sabato: If Trump Doesn't Get to 1,237 Delegates, He Won't Be the Nominee

Trump Told Cruz 'Don't Endorse Me': 'The Only Thing that Means Anything Are the People'

When it comes to the rise of GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, “all the polls say the same thing,” Bill O’Reilly said in tonight’s Talking Points Memo.

Trump’s ascent is largely being fueled by working-class, white men who feel aggrieved - not dissimilar from America's "black grievance industry," he explained.

"Many of his supporters are furious," said the Factor host.

“Many white Americans believe that illegal immigration hurts their job prospects, and are angered by changing neighborhoods and changing social patterns.

Their refrain is often, ‘I want my country back.’

These voters are tired of seeing welfare doled out to people who are not motivated to succeed, or even American citizens.

They are angry that terrorists are not being contained.

They see the Republican Party as largely cowardly in the face of political correctness.”

“Enter Donald Trump, who vividly reflects the anger, who has criticized his own party, for being weak,” said O’Reilly.

He pointed out that Trump’s candidacy has come at a juncture when “the Republican Party did not get behind Kate’s Law.”

“When you control both houses of Congress and you cannot get Kate's Law passed – there is a serious problem,” he said.

And while polls indicate that Trump “is in for a rough day” in tomorrow's Wisconsin Republican primary, “the issue of white grievance is not going away,” O’Reilly predicted.

“If Mr. Trump does not get the nomination, the ‘stay-home’ factor in next November's vote is likely to be substantial.”

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