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It was their last night of spring break when a group of college football players suddenly saw a car sinking near their hotel.

That’s when Iowa State’s Anthony Lazard, Josh Jahlas and Jack Spreen bolted into action – in what would later turn out to be a life-saving rescue off Texas’ South Padre Island.

The three joined Fox and Friends Weekend this morning to recount their inspiring story.

 “It was getting kind of dark out, and all I could see was a couple of red taillights just kind of in the water. I kind of just started yelling at everyone, and I was like, ‘I think someone just drove into the water!’” said Jahlas.

“I knew we had to get down there and do something.”

When they arrived, people had gathered and were calling 911, Spreen said. They swam out to the car and tried to get the door open, but it was stuck.

“We busted the front windshield and made a hole big enough to pull her out,” he said.

The young woman driving was later discovered to have been intoxicated. She was charged with a DUI.

But 22-year-old Luisa Maria Castro credits them with saving her life, she told The Des Moines Register.

“They really are heroes, and I am forever grateful for what they did.”

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