WATCH: NYPD Ramps Up Security After Brussels Terror Attacks

'Nothing Is Given for Free': Homeless Man Walks Into Restaurant to Ask for Money, Gets Job

The recent surge in subway slashings is continuing at stations across New York City, where two passengers were attacked by panhandlers in separate attacks yesterday.

Police said one man was attacked for refusing to give a beggar money, while another was slashed for not giving enough change, Fox and Friends Weekend reported.

The attacks are believed to involve two different suspects.

The first incident took place at a downtown station around 5 a.m., when a man was cut across the face, according to The New York Post.

The second unfolded in midtown around 3 p.m. “A 51-year-old man actually handed some change to a panhandler in Penn Station, but the vagrant wasn’t satisfied,” said the newspaper.

The beggar apparently “stalked” him on the platform asking for more money. When he refused, he was slashed in the back.

The knife attacks come just days after the NYPD announced a new plan to increase surveillance and use data to hunt down perpetrators.

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