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President Obama has been lecturing the media for its coverage of the 2016 race, suggesting that it is to blame for the rise of Donald Trump.

“There’s enormous pressure on journalists to fill the void and feed the beast with instant commentary,” Obama said.

“I believe the electorate would be better served if your networks and your producers would give you the room to follow your best instincts and dig deeper into the things that might not always be flashy, but need attention.”

Political commentator Gina Loudon weighed in on the president’s remarks on Cashin’ In this morning.

“This is the president who won’t even come on your network and do an interview, who’s literally criticizing the media for somehow handing this to Trump?” she said.

“All of this has happened, not because of the media. Trump rose up because people are tired of being smarter than the people they hire to run the government.”

Jonathan Hoenig acknowledged that Trump is “getting an inordinate amount of coverage.”

“But the fact is, people do not care,” he said.

“Obama is quick to scold the media, but in a free country, the media is the people.”

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