Smugglers Quickly Climb Over AZ Border Fence as TV Crew Films

Obama Calls for More 'Openness to Refugees' After Brussels Terror Attacks

President Obama is continuing to urge Americans to accept Syrian refugees even in the wake of the Brussels terror attacks, refreshing the dispute on whether they should be allowed into our country.

The Cashin’ In panel weighed in this morning in a fair and balanced debate.

“This is common sense,” said political commentator Gina Loudon. “If you have a pipe burst in your house and your house is flooding, the first thing you do is you turn off the water.”

At some point, she added, “you have to realize that we have been under such massive terror threat – that we remain under massive terror threat – that our economy is tanking due to the burden of people that we can’t afford.”

Fox News political analyst Juan Williams responded to Loudon, saying, “America’s economy is not tanking, and when you say things like that, I think it feeds into anxiety and fear.”

“Unemployment’s 5 percent, the Wall Street is up through the roof,” he pointed out.'s Jonathan Hoenig said “what’s being talked about here isn’t immigration, it is importation.”

“It is not Americans’ job to feed the sick or help those who ruined it around the world,” he added.

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