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Many in the media have called Donald Trump’s performance in the past few days “his worst week of the presidential race,” as new polls in Wisconsin show he is trailing Ted Cruz by around 10 points.

But is it time to start writing off Trump? Political strategists say no.

It’s premature to make those predictions, said John McLaughlin, pollster and CEO of McLaughlin and Associates.

“I don’t think he’s going to collapse,” he said in a Fox and Friends Weekend panel this morning.

The GOP candidate “may lose Wisconsin,” but “in our recent poll of the remaining states, Trump’s actually still ahead,” said McLaughlin.

“You have Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland, Connecticut, et cetera – all more favorable territory to Trump.”

He added that “Cruz is coming on a rough patch,” having “attacked New York for ‘New York values.’”

Former Obama campaign staffer Karine Jean-Pierre agreed.

“I think he’s a horrible week with the tone-deafness that he’s had in Wisconsin, what he said about women,” she said in regard to Trump.

“But he’s gonna be around, he’s gonna be fine. After Wisconsin, there are about five, six states that he’s going to do well in, that he’s probably going to win. I think this is just a blip for him.”

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