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A swarm of bees descended on people outside a mosque in Phoenix on Friday, stinging nearly two dozen people and sending firefighters out with foam.

More than 20 people were stung, with one hurt so badly he had to be hospitalized, Fox 10 reported.

“Every once in a while, you can see a member kind of come out, use whatever they can find, and still shovel out heaping piles of that foam that is inside their place of worship right now,” Marcy Jones reported from the scene.

Mosque members also had to hang rugs out to dry after the horrifying incident.

Experts say the attack was unsurprising as it is currently the height of “swarm season.”

They’re warning anyone in similar troubling situations to not take on the bees themselves.

"What people just need to understand is they cannot outrun them, they're not going to sink under water and stay away from them, they're not going to just knock them off,” Joseph Mikesell told Fox 10.

“If you see bee activity get inside, don't try and take care of it yourself, contact a professional and let us take care of the situation.”

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