HIGHLIGHTS: Watch Ainsley's First Day on Fox and Friends!

Kat Timpf & Her Dad Cracked Us Up This Morning on 'Cooking with Friends'

Mornings have always been #BetterWithFriends – but this Friday, things got a little bit mischievous on the curvy couch!

Ainsley, Brian and Pete showed us why nobody does April’s Fool Day better than Fox and Friends.

Check out some of our favorite highlights from this morning’s show!

This coffee delivery made for some confusion…


Ainsley let Pete do the honors for “National Cake Day” (which isn’t today…)


Brian turned out to be just about the greatest ‘Mega Morning’ deal of all…


And Pete Hegseth showed us what happens when you call out sick for a morning show at 4:15 am...


What are you getting up to this April Fool's Day? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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