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The U.S. Navy’s elite aerobatic team marked 70 years in the sky today with a spectacular air show in Key West, Florida.

Fox News’ Phil Keating was there with the Blue Angels. And this morning, he got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly with them - doing rolls, loops, and even hitting 700 miles an hour.


The squadron’s main purpose? To showcase American courage, honor and commitment, Keating reported.

With their high-performance demonstrations, the team is hoping to inspire the next generation of men and women who will defend the nation.


Keating called the 40-minute flight “one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.”

“It is exhausting – a testament to how fit and in shape these pilots are,” he said.

“They’re very humble and modest about their jobs. They say, ‘Look, we take these uniforms off, we’re just regular people.’”

Check out the amazing anniversary celebration, above.

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