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Newt Gingrich sounded an optimistic tone about Republican prospects in November, while comparing Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan.

He said that in early September of 1980, Reagan had made a "couple of boo-boos in a row, and there was a real worry," but Reagan was ultimately able to overcome Jimmy Carter in the general election.

"I think in the end, whether it's Trump or Cruz or Kasich, we're going to beat the Democratic nominee, and I ultimately like our position a lot better than theirs."

He also talked about what he saw as the consequences of a Hillary Clinton presidency, saying she would bring the "corruption" from the Clinton Foundation into the White House.

"This will be the most corrupt White House in American history," Gingrich said.

He said he doesn't imagine many conservatives would stand by and let Clinton get elected because of their opposition to Trump.

"You're really prepared to do that to America because you don't like Donald Trump?" 

Watch the clip above.

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