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A TV news crew captured video of two suspected smugglers scaling the Mexican border fence in Arizona.

The reporter and camera operator were covering a separate story when they witnessed two young men come over the fence in Nogales, carrying packs that looked like bales of marijuana.

According to the reporter, border patrol officers were nearby but didn't see the men.

The men scurried across the street on the Arizona side, unaware they were being filmed.

When they did notice the camera, one of the men yelled, "No graben!" (Don't record!). He was also speaking into a phone or walkie talkie.

They eventually rushed back to the wall, quickly climbed it, and returned to the Mexican side without having made their drop-off.

Watch the crazy video above, and check out an interview below with Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council.

He explained on "Fox and Friends" why the labor union representing agents and support staff on the U.S. Border Patrol is backing Donald Trump in this election.

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