Krauthammer: Trump's Abortion Remarks Show Troubling 'Lack of Curiosity'

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Martha MacCallum talked to Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson this morning about Trump's remark on whether women who have abortions should ever be punished.

Pierson said Chris Matthews' question was "hypothetical" and that Trump failed to distinguish the person getting the abortion from the person performing it.

Pierson said it was a simple misstatement by Trump that was immediately clarified.

She criticized Ted Cruz for "trying to have it both ways" by first criticizing Trump for supporting abortion rights, but now slamming him for being "too pro-life" 

MacCallum said Trump's answer may give fuel to critics who argue that Trump is not fluent on policy issues.

"This should've been a very easy, clear question. It's not something you should have to think too much about - whether or not you're gonna punish the woman who had the abortion." she said.

Pierson said the answer was a "simple misspeak" and that Trump has thought through the issue of abortion.

MacCallum brought up critics who say that Trump is not focusing on developing a deeper understanding of key issues, like foreign policy.

Pierson disagreed with that criticism, saying that the issue is Trump's critics "aren't hearing what they want to hear the way they want to hear it."

Watch the full interview above.

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