See How Plane Passenger 'Invented a Whole New Way to Be Awful at 35K Feet'

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Heart-stopping GoPro video shows the moment that two skydivers collided after jumping out of a plane.

Sebastian Leal, 23, was one of several skydivers who were jumping in wingsuits at SkyDive City in Zephyrhills, Florida, March 22.

"I remember leaving the airplane, and then approximately five seconds later, we collided," Leal told Fox 13.

Leal was knocked unconscious immediately, and he only survived because his reserve chute deployed approximately 750 feet off the ground.

"I hit some power lines before I hit the ground," he said. "My next memory is lying on the ground in pain."

He was flown to Tampa General Hospital, where he was told he has four fractured vertebrae and is paralyzed from the waist down.

Leal, however, says he believes that his paralysis is temporary and he has no regrets.

"What happened to me is very unlikely. It's a freak accident," he said. "I am optimistic that one day I will fly wingsuit again."

Watch the GoPro footage above.

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