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Tonight on "Hannity," Newt Gingrich said that Hillary Clinton's big defeats in recent Democratic primaries show a candidate in trouble.

A recent Fox Business poll put Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders ahead of Clinton in Wisconsin, which holds its primary vote on Tuesday.

"Bernie Sanders is on a roll," Gingrich said. "If he's five points ahead of her now (in Wisconsin), he's going to beat her by 10 or more points, because his turnout is so much more intense than hers."

Gingrich said he also thinks the Vermont senator has a shot of beating Clinton in New York, which would be "literally catastrophic" for her.

He said that Clinton's double-digit defeats in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington show a candidate who is vulnerable.

"That ain't a frontrunner, that's a person who's hanging on the ropes, I think." 

Watch more, including Gingrich's advice for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, above.

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