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Watchdog Group: Hillary Playing 'Catch Me If You Can' With Private Emails

If Hillary Clinton agrees to be interviewed by federal prosecutors, "it will be very easy for them to trap her," Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "Fox and Friends" today.

The judge explained that the FBI is not obligated to reveal to Clinton or her lawyers what evidence they have gathered during their investigation of her private email server, so she would be going into the interview "blind."

"If she lies to them, even though not under oath, it's a federal crime," he said. "It's the crime Martha Stewart went to jail for."

Judge Napolitano said that Clinton has the option to refuse to be interviewed, but she has put herself in a difficult predicament by "foolishly" boasting that she can't wait to talk to the FBI.

"When you're being investigated by the FBI, that's the last crowd you want to talk to. But for political reasons, she's made this statement," the judge explained. "If she does not go in, she'll be defying her public boast ... If she does go in, she's going to confront an angry FBI, whose agents are not happy that she has mocked their investigation and who know about all the lies and public deception she's engaged in."

Is Clinton going to be in big legal trouble? Steve Doocy asked.

"Yes," Judge Napolitano answered. "I think she can't escape the legal problems that will be visited upon her by this final phase of the investigation."

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