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On The Kelly File Wednesday night, we heard some cringe-inducing stories from what Megyn calls "Cupcake Nation."

A Harvard University student spoke out recently with an article that lamented the "culture of sensitivity" that is hampering free speech among college students. 

Rachel Huebner wrote:

I used to believe that open discourse was a value all Americans hold dear. I presumed that when asked about what makes America so unique, many Americans would respond that our pluralistic society is the foundation of so much of our success. That it was understood that without a marketplace of ideas, our society simply could not flourish.

But then I started college.

She wrote that professors and administrators now "presume that fragile undergraduates need to be protected from any form of dissent," calling on university leaders to realize that is "incompatible with the very premise and goal of an education."

Beyond university officials, she explained that students are censoring other students each day. Huebner detailed a few situations that she observed on the Harvard campus. 

In one class, a female student refused to sit across from a fellow student who was pro-life, deeming that point of view "offensive." 

And Huebner said when her friend arrived at his dorm room as a freshman, he began to hang an American flag on the wall. 

But his roommate stopped him, declaring the flag to be a "political statement that he was unwilling to make."

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