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Do protesters of Donald Trump really know what they're protesting? 

Sean Hannity sent radio host David Webb to Wisconsin to find out if any of those who are vehemently opposed to the GOP frontrunner have specific grievances.

Here's a sampling of what he found:

What do you object to specifically?

"All of it!" 

"Like, the things he says about women ... too many to name."


"Donald Trump has accused me of ... whatever. I am union! Union is standing."

Responding on the show, Webb said some people were "barely coherent," but mostly they could not articulate specific policies that they're opposed to or specific statements made by Trump. 

"What you've got are a lot of people who are simply parroting what's being said," said Webb.

He lamented that some of the responses came at a university, where one would expect students to at least be interested in learning about specific issues.

Watch the full segment above, and part two here!

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