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If you wish QVC offered guns, there's a new home shopping television channel that's perfect for you.

GunTV launches tonight with six hours of daily programming dedicated exclusively to firearms and related products and services.

On "Varney & Co" today, GunTV co-founder Valerie Castle explained how the network will provide "a very fluid" consumer experience

“You can log on to when our new website launches simultaneously with our on-air launch ... you call our toll free number and speak to any of our customer experience representatives,” Castle told Stuart Varney. “They are going to take your order. They are going to ask you for your zip code. They are going to pull up a list of federally-licensed firearms dealers that are reputable brick and mortar retailers.”

She explained that once a transaction is concluded, the fulfillment partner ships the weapon to the local dealer and a notification is sent to the customer letting them know the firearm has arrived. The consumer can then pick up the firearm after the completion of all paperwork and a routine background check.

“It doesn’t stop there,” Castle added. “We support the consumer post-sale with safety and training.”

GunTV will offer a broad range of firearms during its daily six-hour, seven days a week programming and plans to extend to a wider array of products.

Learn more about GunTV above.

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