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A #NeverTrump Wisconsin radio host got into it with Donald Trump in an interview that has gone viral in recent days. 

Charlie Sykes, who hosts a show on WTMJ in Milwaukee, pressed Trump on his treatment of women, accusing him of acting like a "12-year-old bully on the playground."

He also seemed a little surprised that Trump agreed to call in to the program, since Sykes has been vocally opposed to the GOP frontrunner's candidacy. 

"Before you called in to my show did you know that I’m a #NeverTrump guy?" he asked. 

"That I didn't know," Trump answered.

Sykes discussed the interview on The Kelly File, saying he was disappointed in Trump's response to an anti-Trump super PAC using a nude photo of his wife, Melania.

Trump ended up retweeting a meme that mocked Ted Cruz's wife's looks. Sykes said he was hoping Trump would act more presidential, but instead he answered with "the 'he started it'" claim. 

"He's not making any pivot. He's unwilling to apologize or admit he made a mistake. And he seems to be tone deaf about the way his conduct and his treatment of women is actually playing in a state like Wisconsin," said Sykes.

Kelly pointed out that Trump's supporters and defenders like that he fights back and that he doesn't act like a typical politician. 

Sykes said this has nothing to do with political correctness, "this is just boorishness [and] rudeness" and is leading to huge opposition from female voters. 

He also said it's "weapons-grade stupid" for Trump to attack Gov. Scott Walker after his endorsement of Ted Cruz. 

Watch the segment above. You can listen to the WTMJ interview, here.

Megyn then spoke to Trump supporter Scott Brown, a former U.S. senator, who pushed back on Sykes' arguments. 

Watch that interview below.

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