WI Radio Host Clashes with Trump: 'Did You Know I'm a #NeverTrump Guy?'

Trump: Walker Endorsed Cruz 'Because I Knocked Him Out of the Presidential Race'

A new poll released today shows Ted Cruz up by around 10 points in Wisconsin, The Real Story reported.

Milwaukee radio talk show host Charlie Sykes and former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown joined Gretchen to weigh in on the upcoming GOP primary.

“There are no fanboys in Wisconsin,” said Sykes, host of 620-WTMJ and a self-proclaimed “#NeverTrump” advocate.

“I think that what you’re seeing in Wisconsin in this poll is the fact that conservatives are quite engaged in this election. They are starting to coalesce around Ted Cruz, and I think Donald Trump is going to lose badly next Tuesday.”

“The fact that Trump is attacking Scott Walker in his own backyard” has backfired, Sykes explained.

“For Donald Trump to parachute in, to attack Scott Walker, to attack Paul Ryan, is frankly weapons-grade stupid.”

But Brown said it may be too soon to write off a Trump win.

“We’ll see what happens in Wisconsin,” he said. “He knows it’s important. He’s making every effort obviously to do well there.”

“It’s not over till it’s over,” Brown added.

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