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In her "Off the Record" commentary, Greta Van Susteren weighed in on the case of Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, saying the "Grab-Gate" controversy has gotten "way out of hand."

She said that the "media scrum...with routine pushing and shoving" should never have ended up with an allegation of a crime, but with an apology.

"Yes, of course, grabbing someone, accidentally or intentionally, is not so nice. But is this one a crime?"

She said that 16 female media figures who signed a letter calling on Donald Trump to fire Lewandowski have convicted him before he's had a trial.

She also said it will be difficult for these women to claim they are being in objective in covering the presidential race.

"Each of these women has now shot herself in the foot," Greta said.

Watch the full commentary above.

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