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A group of conservative female journalists put out a letter today demanding that Donald Trump remove campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, saying that Lewandowski's actions were "inexcusable and unprofessional."

Lewandowski was charged yesterday with simple battery, a misdemeanor, for grabbing reporter Michelle Fields after a Florida event.

Tonight on "Kelly File," one of the letter's signees, Katie Pavlich, said the response wasn't just about the incident, but about how the Trump campaign responded to Fields afterwards.

"We saw libel, defamation, slander, smearing of her reputation, simply for trying to do her job," she said. "This isn't just about simply one reporter. It's a bigger issue of the role of the press in America."

Pavlich said that Fields' character was smeared simply for exercising her First Amendment rights and doing her job.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a senior advisor for the Trump campaign, said that the real disagreement comes from the fact that nothing out of the ordinary took place at the event.

Megyn Kelly challenged Sanders on that assertion, saying that it's not common for a campaign manager to cause bruises, and then pressed her to explain how the Trump campaign did not use "intimidation" in the aftermath.

Sanders said that she thought the intimidation was going "both ways" and that Fields was also trying to pressure and intimidate the Trump campaign into admitting something was not true.

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