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Donald Trump shared an emotional moment with one of his supporters out on the campaign trail last night, a former beauty queen who has been diagnosed with an incurable illness.

Former Miss Wisconsin Melissa Young went On The Record tonight to discuss her encounter with the GOP front-runner.

Young met Trump back in 2005, when she was competing in the Miss USA pageant, she explained.

Years later, when she got sick, Trump heard about it and decided to send her a letter.

“I was in the hospital really, really struggling and fighting hard,” Young told Greta. “And at 8:00 a.m., hand-delivered was a message from Mr. Trump, from New York.”

“It was just this beautiful, handwritten letter that said from the office of Donald J. Trump, and it said ‘to the bravest woman I know.’ And he had wrote a special note in there for me to keep fighting.”

Young said that “for him to think of me, that many years later in my struggle, it touched me in such a way and actually it gave me fuel to keep fighting.”

“Somebody that I looked up to as a little girl, growing up homeless and in extreme poverty,” she said. “He was – he is the American dream.”

Watch the full interview, above.

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