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An Army reservist decided to donate his kidney to a complete stranger after seeing a billboard looking for donors.

Nate Toci said that after he saw the "Kelsey Needs a Kidney" digital sign along Interstate 25 near Boulder, there was no question that he would do anything to help Colorado mother Kelsey Crider.

Tests later confirmed that Toci has Type O blood and would be a perfect match for Crider, who was diagnosed with kidney disease nearly a decade ago and has had several unsuccessful kidney transplants.

Toci knew that offering his kidney was the right thing to do.

"I think that's just the American mentality you know," Toci explained. "Not just doing something, just asking, 'What else can you do for somebody else?'"

Both underwent surgery and they are doing just fine.

Afterward the procedure, doctors asked if Crider wanted to meet the stranger who gave her a kidney, to which she responded, "Of course!"

The two quickly formed a lifelong friendship, and Crider says Toci is now more like family.

"It gave me such good hopes for the future, not just for my daughter but for the country," Crider said. "It's like, yeah, there are good people out there."

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