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A photographer captured a naked newborn's not-so-timely bathroom break. 

The little boy peed while in Mom's arms, with Dad right behind them, and Indiana photographer Abbie Rogers got the hilariously perfect snap. 

“It happens a lot especially during newborn shoots because they are naked for a lot of the time... most of the time it's number two though,” Indiana photographer Abbie Rogers told The Daily Mail.

“When you have little boys this happens a lot and this was the couple's third boy so it wasn't really a shock. We all had quite a good laugh.”

The photo, later posted on Facebook, is gaining attention from lots of parents who are all too familiar with the predicament.

“This is REAL LIFE!!! One of the best I’ve ever seen,” one woman commented.

“Story of our lives!” another user wrote. “And that’s just when it’s a #1.”

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