FBI Unlocks San Bernardino Attacker's iPhone, Drops Case Against Apple

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke appeared on "Fox and Friends" this morning to react to the FBI announcing it has successfully accessed data stored on the iPhone that belonged to one of the San Bernardino terrorists without Apple's help, ending the court case against the tech company.

Sheriff Clarke said that the FBI "loses credibility" after this incident, as the agency's argument was that another attack might be imminent and they needed Apple's immediate help to break into the iPhone.

"And that simply wasn't true," Sheriff Clarke said. "I think you lose credibility, so the next time the FBI has one of these situations and goes into court ... I think a judge is going to be a little more dismissive of their claim."

He explained that the agency tried to get what they wanted - in this case Apple's protection in unlocking the iPhone - "under false pretenses."

Sheriff Clarke clarified that he's not suggesting that the FBI is lying, but they did hurt their argument in future similar cases by relying "the sky is falling" rhetoric.

He added that there's a way to achieve balance between privacy and security, and we should focus on finding that "sweet spot."

"We can accomplish both. These things are not mutually - security and privacy."

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