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A 12-year-old girl from Brooklyn, New York is sharing an amazing story of healing following her blessing by Pope Francis last year. 

Julia Bruzzese's blessing by the pontiff last September at JFK Airport became a widely-shared image.

Bruzzese and her family say she's made remarkable strides after an illness - undiagnosed at the time - left her wheelchair-bound.

Julia had been a happy, healthy sixth-grader but nearly a year ago she fell ill and eventually lost feeling in her legs and feet.

The family said that doctors were baffled, with some even raising the possibility that Julia was faking it or suffering from a psychological disorder of some kind.

Due to the attention that stemmed from the pope's blessing, more specialists stepped forward in an effort to give the family an accurate diagnosis. 

There has also been an outpouring of support from donors as the family has battled their health insurer for coverage.

Days after the pope's blessing, Julia was found to be suffering from Lyme Disease and just recently began to get feeling back in her feet and ankles.

"I knew that God was sending us a message that she's going to be OK," said Julia's mother.

See more on the story via the family's Facebook page, called "Julia Bruzzese, believe in the Miracle."

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