'It's the Consequence of Trump Culture': Cruz, Trump Reps Face Off on Lewandowski Charge

Trump on Battery Charge Against Campaign Manager: 'Look at Tapes, Nothing There!'

Tonight on "Kelly File," former Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro clashed with a Donald Trump supporter over the battery charge brought against Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Shapiro, who resigned from the conservative news site in response to its handling of reporter Michelle Fields' case, accused the Trump campaign of repeated dishonesty.

"Lying liars lie," Shapiro said. "And this is the Trump campaign, where lies are told and then lies are told to cover up the lies, and then finally new lies are told in order to cover up the lies that were told about the lies."

He said that Lewandowski yanked and bruised Fields, then he and Trump lied about it.

"And now they're telling a whole new set of lies," based on Fields getting too close to the GOP frontrunner at the Florida event, Shapiro said.

Meanwhile, the Trump supporter, Florida attorney David Wohl, argued that Fields' claim wasn't supported by the video evidence.

"It was a total embellishment of the facts," he said. "If a jury sees this, Megyn, what she reported, versus the surveillance video of what actually happened, this case is going nowhere."

Megyn also grilled Wohl about changing statements made by members of the Trump campaign.

At the conclusion of the show, Megyn said she spoke with Fields, who decided not to appear on the program. She said that Fields feels like she's "under attack" but stands by her story.

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