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A few weeks ago, a homeless man walked into a Minneapolis restaurant and asked for some money.

But owner Cesia Abigail Baires had another idea – she offered him a job.

“I looked at him and asked him, ‘Why don't you have a job, you know nothing is given to me for free right?’” she recounted.

“He said, ‘Well, I have a lot of felonies and no one wants to hire me for that.’”

Baires said the situation is not uncommon in her neighborhood.

“There are a lot of people who walk in, there a lot of drugs and activities and crime in this area,” she told ABC News. “If they ask me for money, I offer food.”

But that didn’t stop her from giving the man, named Marcus, a second chance that day.

“Around this area, if you look homeless they won't even let you in,” Baires said. “To me that's unacceptable.”

She offered him a job as a dishwasher in her café.

Two weeks later, Marcus had showed up for every one of his shifts on time, she wrote on Facebook.

He even used his paycheck to buy food from her restaurant and share it with other people in need.

“Do something nice for someone today and don't judge them just because they out there asking for money,” Baires wrote. “Some deserve another shot.”

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