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Greg Gutfeld railed against "attention gobblers" at Emory University for their uproar over pro-Trump messages which turned up on campus last week.

Several dozen students protested outside the university's administration when the messages appeared, claiming chalk scrawlings of "Vote Trump" and "Trump 2016" made them feel "frustration," "pain" and "fear."

Gutfeld pointed out that the messages could simply have been erased.

"But that's something an adult would do," Gutfeld said. "These are emotional toddlers.

"Can the National Guard please airdrop fainting couches, warm blankies and smelling salts to these wuss kittens? This is the new lie of the campus left. That one must balance free speech with feeling safe; college must be a safe haven, safe from words."

He said that college is supposed to challenge, not coddle.

"Doing the reverse just leads to fake incidents of hate that provides spotlights to these attention gobblers."

Watch the full monologue above.

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