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Donald Trump reacted to Scott Walker’s endorsement of Ted Cruz tonight, saying that the Wisconsin governor is supporting a candidate with no chance of winning the general election.

“He couldn’t endorse me because I knocked him out of the presidential race,” Trump said on Hannity.

“I see this governor get on his motorcycle all the time, he’s a big tough guy,” he added. “I see him with his motorcycle jacket, you know, like he’s a tough guy, riding on the highways. ...

“He endorsed a guy who has no chance of beating Hillary Clinton. I haven’t even focused on Hillary Clinton.”

Trump, who has been campaigning in Walker’s home state ahead of next Tuesday’s crucial primary, said he didn’t realize how severe the economic situation was until recently.

“Wisconsin’s doing very poorly. Wisconsin is losing jobs, they aren’t growing… I have a whole list of things. I could read 15 things to you. I had no idea it was doing that way,” he said.

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