Piers Morgan Defends Trump Campaign Manager: Michelle Fields Needs to 'Toughen Up'

Trump on Battery Charge Against Campaign Manager: 'Look at Tapes, Nothing There!'

Ted Cruz’s communications director is calling a new battery charge against Donald Trump's campaign manager "the consequence of the Trump culture."

Alice Stewart faced off with Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson on The O’Reilly Factor tonight after Florida police today charged Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski with simple battery.

Michelle Fields, a former Breitbart reporter, accused Lewandowski of grabbing and bruising her arm at a Trump campaign event on March 8.

The controversy escalated as Trump personally defended Lewandowski this afternoon. Authorities released surveillance footage of the incident.

“A picture paints a thousand words, Eric, and that picture says it all,” Stewart told Eric Bolling.

“Look, this is the consequence of the Trump culture, and the culture of a campaign that is based on insults -- verbal, physical attacks.”

Pierson defended Lewandowski, saying he plans to plead not guilty.

“Donald Trump stands by Corey Lewandowski, as does the rest of the campaign,” she said.

“If there’s a culture of anything in a campaign, it’s dirty tricks -- and that has been the Cruz campaign, from the beginning. It’s undeniable.”

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