This has to be the cutest moment of the NBA season!

One young fan just couldn't contain himself during the New Orleans Pelicans' game against the Knicks. 

During a stoppage in play in the fourth quarter, a little boy ran right out onto the floor at the Smoothie King Center and gave Knicks star Carmelo Anthony a big ol' hug. 

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Anthony said after the game he didn't notice the boy running toward him. 

"I was shocked. I didn't really know who was it until I actually looked over and saw that it was a kid," he said.

Anthony smiled and patted the kid on the head before the referee quickly ushered him back to the stands. 

It's unclear whether any action was taken against the adult who brought the boy to the arena.

It's also unclear how the boy got through what is usually hefty courtside security at NBA arenas.

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