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A University of Central Florida student running for president of the student government association was kicked off the ballot this month.

Jacob Milich was accused of violating election rules, but he claims he was targeted because he is a conservative.

He has sued the university for violating his right to free speech, in an attempt to get back on the ballot.

Milich, a Marine veteran, explained on "Fox and Friends" that he was accused of using student government email to write campaign notes, testing a campaign website prior to his presidential run and using social media too early in the process.

He asserted that not only are all the violations against him not valid, but they were filed by the same small group of liberal students.

Milich said that an election board made up of liberals then held closed-door hearings about his candidacy, determining he shouldn't be able to run.

He argued that there was a coordinated effort against him because he's a conservative, and that's why he's taking legal measures to get back on the ballot.

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