Trump: 'Disgraceful' for Obama to Call for U.S. to Be More Open to Refugees

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“Is it better to be loved or feared?”

Donald Trump answered the age-old leadership question tonight, in a wide-ranging interview on his foreign policy plan and the state of the GOP race.

“I’d rather be respected than both,” Trump told Eric Bolling on The O’Reilly Factor.

“You want to be respected, and I think that’s what’s happened. And that’s why I’m by far the number one front-runner.”

Trump also responded to Hillary Clinton’s criticisms of his proposed U.S.-Mexico wall, saying, “The border patrol people are really wanting to do their jobs, they can’t do their jobs.”

“Everybody wants the wall. Every time I mention it at big, big rallies, everybody stands up, they give me cheering ovations,” said Trump. “It’s amazing to watch. Standing ovations, all the time.”

“We don’t use our best business minds, we use political hacks to negotiate deals,” Trump said.

“We have tremendous power over many people, economically. We just don’t know how to use that power.”

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