Huckabee: Cruz Should Sue Nat'l Enquirer If Story About Affairs Isn't True

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Ted Cruz responded on Hannity tonight to the National Enquirer piece that alleges he had extramarital affairs.

The Texas senator has accused Donald Trump of being responsible for the story.

“He and his henchmen planted a garbage story in the National Enquirer, that is just filled with lies. It’s totally false,” said Cruz.

Asked whether it’s time for a “ceasefire” with all the campaign attacks, Cruz answered, “Let’s be clear, only one side has been firing.”

“The Facebook ad that was run was wrong. But I don’t know the person who ran it, I have no connection to him. We’re completely disconnected. It’s not ‘my super PAC,’” he said.

“But Donald responded by directly going after my wife Heidi. By threatening my wife, by attacking her, and he did it repeatedly, by insulting her.”

"Wives and kids should be off-limits,” Cruz added. “I have never said a negative word about Donald’s wife or anyone in his family, and nor would I.”

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