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Actor and director Scott Baio believes the Republican Party would be wise to unite behind Donald Trump.

On "Coast to Coast" this afternoon, Baio said that he wishes Republicans would attack Democrats the way they attack their own, noting how viciously the GOP establishment has gone after Trump.

He said that Trump seems to be the only Republican with the will to actually attack the Democrats.

"Instead of playing by the rules - which we always do and the other side doesn't - let's take the gloves off and let's do this the right way for once," Baio said.

He added that he likes Ted Cruz, but he simply doesn't believe the Texas senator has the will to attack Democrats like Trump does.

"When you fight, you fight to win," Baio stated.

He said that the GOP party elites always try to go for more moderate policies, as opposed to fighting for conservative principles.

"If we're going to go middle of the road, we might as well just vote Democrat."

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