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Jennifer Griffin reported the latest this afternoon after Syrian troops, backed by Russian air power, retook the ancient city of Palmyra from ISIS terrorists. 

It ends 10 months of ISIS terror and war crimes, as historic artifacts were destroyed and the city's ancient ruins were used for mass executions.

The 81-year-old director of one of the historic archeological sites was beheaded when he refused to disclose where some of the most valuable artifacts were hidden. 

The city, 150 miles northeast of Damascus, was once one of Syria's most popular tourist destinations. 

The last ISIS fighters were finally pushed out over the weekend after a February cease-fire freed up Syrian and Russian forces to focus on the city. 

Griffin said there are some indications that the Russians, Syrian government forces and Iran-backed Lebanese troops will continue on toward Raqqa, which ISIS has declared as their capital.

U.S. military commanders recently told Congress that there were no plans for the U.S. to attack Raqqa, leaving a vacuum for Russia and Assad to potentially fill. 

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