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America must ramp up efforts to destroy ISIS overseas – or be confronted with the battle here at home, John McCain said.

“We will either fight them there, or we will fight them here,” the Arizona senator said tonight On The Record.

He said that Donald Trump “has struck a responsive chord in his concern about the security of the United States of America.”

“It is because of Barack Obama’s failed foreign policy, and now continuing to say that somehow we’re making good progress as ISIS metastasizes through the region,” McCain continued.

Asked who he believes is the most solid candidate on foreign policy, McCain said “it’s hard for me to make that judgment.”

“I think that John Kasich has a lot of experience on the issue,” he said, adding that Trump’s foreign policy “seems to vary from day to day.”

“All I can say is we need a coherent strategy, which we don’t have, and we need to call the smart people together … come up with a strategy, and defeat ISIS. Otherwise, we’re going to fight them here.”

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