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Trump: 'Disgraceful' for Obama to Call for U.S. to Be More Open to Refugees

Greg Gutfeld called out Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday for seeming to take more aim at the GOP than at terrorists around the world.

“The President of United States’ schedule is not set by terrorists,” Kerry had said. “Life doesn’t stop because one terrible incident takes place in one place.”

Kerry then went on to criticize Republicans’ campaign rhetoric, saying that every leader he meets asks “about what is happening in America.”

“To some degree … it’s clear to me that what’s happening is an embarrassment to our country,” he said.

Gutfeld reacted in his monologue on The Five. “Like a rusted garage door needing a gallon of WD-40, John Kerry opened his mouth this weekend,” he said.

“He’s right, life doesn’t stop, unless you’re in Brussels or Pakistan and it’s shredded to pieces. But for Kerry, there’s bigger fish than ISIS – climate change, wage gaps, Argentinian dance instructors.”

“Yes, after so much terror, this is the world’s concern – Trump,” said Gutfeld. “I think I can speak for all of us – I don’t care what the world thinks. They don’t have the best track record.”

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