VIDEO: Brussels Police Shoot Suspect Carrying Bag of Explosives

Obama Calls for More 'Openness to Refugees' After Brussels Terror Attacks

Belgian authorities are still searching for two key suspects from last week’s Brussels terror attacks, Mike Tobin reported.

The first is the so-called “man in white,” who was caught on surveillance camera walking alongside the two Brussels airport suicide bombers last week. They later died when their explosives went off.  

The second suspect still at large is an accomplice from the Metro suicide bombing, Tobin reported.  

Authorities have released the above video, and following sketch, in renewed calls for information on their whereabouts.


Belgian media had initially reported that the third airport suspect was arrested in the aftermath of the attacks, and that authorities were charging him with terrorism and murder.

But that man was discovered to be the wrong person, and has now been released.

“The investigating judge said the evidence against him did not stand up,” Tobin said.

Watch the report from Brussels, above.

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