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Photo of Injured Military Dog With Purple Heart Goes Viral

They were inseparable on the battlefields of Afghanistan, until tragedy struck.

Last December, specialist Andrew Brown and his military dog Rocky were caught in an IED explosion.

Since then, the two have been in careful recovery – and both were awarded Purple Hearts.

The photo of Rocky lying in a hospital with the medal attached to his collar went viral last year.





But the partners split up when Brown was flown back to the U.S. for treatment, and Rocky continued to recover in Europe.

It was the longest he and Rocky had been apart, Brown said.

“When the explosion first happened, I was more worried about him than myself,” he told ABC News.

“I’ve known him longer than both of my sons have been alive. I think we make a pretty good team – you know, you've got to have 100 percent trust in your dog.”

On Friday, the two best friends were once again reunited in Bethesda, Maryland.

The emotional video above showed just how unmistakable their bond really is.

Both are said to be doing much better, and Brown hopes to get back to work at Fort Hood soon.

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