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This grandpa captured our hearts when a photo of him sadly eating a hamburger went viral.

That night, Kelsey Harmon was the only one of six grandkids to show up for burger night at “Papaw’s” house, she wrote.

That definitely wasn’t the case on Saturday, as hundreds in Dibble, Oklahoma made their way out to eat a burger with “Papaw” at a giant cookout.

(The grandkids were all there this time, too.)

As attendees lined up to try one of his $2 burgers, many posed for pictures in T-shirts that read, “I ate a burger with Sad Papaw.”

“It’s fantastic. Hard to believe that this many people are excited about a cookout,” said Kenny “Papaw” Harmon.

“My grandkids have always been very special to me.”

“Papaw” says that all the money raised from his cookout will be going to his grandkids’ college funds.

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